About Us

Boulder Artisan Foods  creates and distributes local natural foods and uses the profits to provide funds and awareness to community organizations.             

Both of the recipes for the dark chocolate bark and backpackers chocolate came from our chocolatier Clif Perry.  A chocolatier for over 25 years, Clif  ran several upscale chocolate shops and chocolate production facilities  including Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, The Chocolate Smith, Riley’s General Store and has appeared on the Food Network.  Clif was recently in the Peace Corps and brought Backpackers Chocolate to Bulgaria and Nepal.

Backpackers Chocolate was initially invented to replace tasteless energy bars used in outdoor activities. After climbing Santa Fe’s Mount Baldy one hot summer day and opening a bag of melted chocolate, the idea was born for weather proof chocolate. By encasing gourmet chocolate in colored wax a product was created that was not only water proof and heat tolerant but also uniquely beautiful. If exposed to heat the chocolate will soften inside the wax casing but quickly returns to the original consistency after cooling down.  The wax also keeps the chocolate moist and fresh for consumption on the mountian or in your home.   

When making Backpacker’s Chocolate we start with premium ingredients, many of which are organic. We create a dark chocolate base ganache that goes well beyond normal fudge, has organic dairy products, 100% dark chocolate and cane sugar. We have removed as much sugar as possible, so the end product is not especially sweet.

The soft dark chocolate ganache is made by hand the traditional way with a confectionary stove and stone slab. This creates an excellent smooth, non-grainy chocolate. We then infuse the dark chocolate with peanut butter, orange chili, Raspberry, mint or with nothing at all to create our naked dark chocolate. Once the soft dark chocolate is set and has just the right moisture it is enrobed it in wax. This is the same wax that is used to enrobe some cheeses like Gouda and should not be eaten.



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