Community Involvement

WC Sebastian developed the idea of pairing local natural food with community organizations as a member of the Fundraising and Advisory Board for INVST community leadership program at CU Boulder.  INVST works with many of the community organizations in Denver and Boulder front range.  Like INVST, many of these organizations would like to raise awareness and funds to promote their mission and objectives.

Boulder Artisan Foods started with a focused effort to raise funds and awareness for INVST with Barking Up the Right Tree Dark Chocolate Bark.  We have been doing this since 2009 and advertise the relationship with INVST and the dark chocolate bark at point of sale at farmer’s markets and on the package label.  Now that our website is on line we can expand our product and community organization awareness and reach.   We will be rolling out more products and community organizations in 2014.  We are currently looking for additional participants. 

Each product has a community organization that is supported with a portion of the profits.  The food producer determines the percentage of profits that go to the organization, and is noted on the product description.    

Boulder Artisan Foods makes Barking up the Right Tree Dark Chocolate Bark for the University of Colorado INVST Community Leadership Program. All profits from the sale of the chocolate go to INVST.  More information on the program can be found at the Colorado Community Studies Website

We also make BAD dark chocolate bark for the Breckenridge Arts District (BAD).  More information on the district can be found at the Town of Breckenridge Website

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